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Thoughts on Bioshock

written by CraigBeattie on September 3rd, 2007 @ 01:20 PM. edit (admin only)

Bioshock – Its a first person shooter game on PC and Xbox 360.

Its set in an underwater city called rapture and set in the 1950s. The city is now populated by genetically modified residents driven mad by the process – the story of which is told to you in diary’s and communications from the remaining residents.

One of the key characters are the little girls who wonder around, who you get the choice of rescuing or ‘harvesting’. I’m rescuing them, my mate Andy’s killing them. I just got to a the big twist in the story and the line I’ve taken totally depends on you rescuing most of the girls. Really curious to see how the story goes when you harvest.

Possible spoilers!

I think the Adam (the stuff that makes the genetic modification possible) in-take is about the same by the way, every three or so girls you get a gift from Tenenbaum (a character in the game, very interesting back story) of about 200 Adam and 80 Adam per girl, not sure how much u get from harvesting. Andy may enlighten me.

Oh, I’ve gone heavy wrench usage (lurker for stealth and heavy hits on incapacitated targets, extra damage with a wrench, armordillo, chameleon which hides you if you stand still and the static shock thingie) and big on the electric shock for incapacitating targets. Didn’t bother with winter’s might though andy was saying he uses that alot to freeze targets (handy for slowing bouncers down).

It’s got a great story, listen to all the radio and diary entries. each area’s quite different, the ghosts add to the stories and the key characters in each place have quite deep back stories. Oh, and telekenesis is huge fun though I have blown my self up throwing gas canisters around in rooms full of fuel barrels – looked pretty tho.


  • Milton on 08 Sep 15:59

    So I don’t understand – Is Bioshock the game or not?

  • craig on 12 Sep 00:32

    yup it’s a game – darn fine one as well ;o)

    follow the link.

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