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Archive for January 2008

a time of excitement, waiting, trepidation and deep sadness

written by CraigBeattie on January 31st, 2008 @ 12:28 AM. edit (admin only)

I’ll start with the latter I guess. It’s getting clear to us that Macy is deteriorating quite swiftly now bless her. yesterday she was ok, not great but ok – today well, today she’s not so good. The poor love is having difficulty getting around, her back legs are starting to not quite do what she wants. She does however purr when we pick her up and snuggle in and get comfy. She’s not well though and with sammy at home most of the time now I think it’s hitting her quite hard.

Then there’s zack’s arrival – not long now. Must be hard for sammy to have new life inside kicking her and an old friend trying to get comfy on her lap in her old age. Still, we have most of the nursery ready and we’re both waiting to meet the wee man. It’s an odd time – oddly quiet really, just waiting now.

funny emotional time though – quite difficult really. still, each day will come and go and we’ll do what is best regardless.

A little time - playing, cleaning fish tanks and waiting

written by CraigBeattie on January 27th, 2008 @ 03:29 PM. edit (admin only)

Thought I’d take 5 minutes away from cleaning the fishies tank and write a little something. The intention was that I could use this as a journal of things – first baby, first pregnancy – all big stuff. Actually to be honest we’ve been so busy and tired it’s just not happened. Right now sammy’s asleep. We didn’t go to bed till about 3.30am as she wasn’t tired, she woke me up about 6.30am because the circuit had tripped downstairs when a bulb blew and she couldn’t see to get some milk and she told me earlier how Macy had been up about 8am calling for some company. So all in all not much sleep for sammy – i’m a pretty heavy sleeper so only recall the ‘electricity emergency’ this morning.

So now I’m taking some time to clean the fish tank out. It needs doing every three weeks or so and is about a 2 hour job. We have lots of visitors next weekend and zack may drop by any time so seems like a good idea to get it out the way.

Folks keep asking if we’re excited and I’ll be honest I’ve been a little too busy to think about it. His nursery is set up now with nice new furniture (better than mine even – how’s that fair??? :P) and really it’s a case of waiting now – sometimes seems like he’ll never come and sometimes like it’ll be tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing the wee man’s face.

So I got up late today to catch up on a little sleep. I’ve played a bit and kept an eye on Macy and now I’m cleaning the tank out hopefully for before sammy gets up but we’ll see.

No idea what life will be like in a month or so but it sure will be different I’m quite certain. Doubt sunday’s will be like this then and I’m looking forward to it – I am told the loss of sleep will be similar however – :P

tipping points observed of late

written by CraigBeattie on January 26th, 2008 @ 05:15 PM. edit (admin only)

Reading tipping point at the minute and must say it’s very interesting – enjoying it. Whilst reading it I was musing that the adoption of facebook is a clear epidemic style occurance – as is the now 10 million subscribers to world of warcraft. It’s very interesting that these events are marked by a massive rise, plateau and just as swift a decline.

Very interesting book though.

Two driving tests failed.

written by CraigBeattie on January 21st, 2008 @ 10:36 PM. edit (admin only)

First was my own daft fault in not looking before one of the set off’s from the curb. This last one was particularly frustrating though. Double figures in minor faults like before with one serious mistake. I’ve learnt from it which is good but darn frustrating and an expensive lesson indeed. So now what? I’m faced with a ten day wait minimum – 31/1 but that’s awfully close to the 7/2 due date. We’re still buying odd bits for littl’un and I’m loathe to commit £50 to a test that I’m not sure I’ll be there for (physically or mentally). So now a wait till zack’s here? Try and squeeze it in anyway? it’s too late in the day for such decisions – food and a good nights rest first.

In the meantime a trip to ikea for the last bits of Zack’s furniture has been quite successful. I must say 40kg of wooden wardrobe is alot heavier than I remember 40kg of anything being in my youth but hey ho.

For those who are interested here is an image depicting my insanely frustrating expensive shortcut:

Macy not well

written by CraigBeattie on January 18th, 2008 @ 12:19 AM. edit (admin only)

Well it seems Macy’s kidney issues are coming to a head. She’s comfortable now but she spent a few nights in the vets last week and she’s on special tablets and food and stuff. We’ll do what we can for her.

odd few weeks

written by CraigBeattie on January 8th, 2008 @ 06:18 PM. edit (admin only)

so christmas was good, bob’s funeral not so much though a nice send off, new year was good but not passing my driving test yesterday wasn’t so good. I can see 2008 will be a funny year already. Still waiting to meet young Zackery ;)