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Two driving tests failed.

written by CraigBeattie on January 21st, 2008 @ 10:36 PM. edit (admin only)

First was my own daft fault in not looking before one of the set off’s from the curb. This last one was particularly frustrating though. Double figures in minor faults like before with one serious mistake. I’ve learnt from it which is good but darn frustrating and an expensive lesson indeed. So now what? I’m faced with a ten day wait minimum – 31/1 but that’s awfully close to the 7/2 due date. We’re still buying odd bits for littl’un and I’m loathe to commit £50 to a test that I’m not sure I’ll be there for (physically or mentally). So now a wait till zack’s here? Try and squeeze it in anyway? it’s too late in the day for such decisions – food and a good nights rest first.

In the meantime a trip to ikea for the last bits of Zack’s furniture has been quite successful. I must say 40kg of wooden wardrobe is alot heavier than I remember 40kg of anything being in my youth but hey ho.

For those who are interested here is an image depicting my insanely frustrating expensive shortcut:


  • Cubicle on 25 Jan 21:11

    Maybe the third one will be succesful

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