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a time of excitement, waiting, trepidation and deep sadness

written by CraigBeattie on January 31st, 2008 @ 12:28 AM. edit (admin only)

I’ll start with the latter I guess. It’s getting clear to us that Macy is deteriorating quite swiftly now bless her. yesterday she was ok, not great but ok – today well, today she’s not so good. The poor love is having difficulty getting around, her back legs are starting to not quite do what she wants. She does however purr when we pick her up and snuggle in and get comfy. She’s not well though and with sammy at home most of the time now I think it’s hitting her quite hard.

Then there’s zack’s arrival – not long now. Must be hard for sammy to have new life inside kicking her and an old friend trying to get comfy on her lap in her old age. Still, we have most of the nursery ready and we’re both waiting to meet the wee man. It’s an odd time – oddly quiet really, just waiting now.

funny emotional time though – quite difficult really. still, each day will come and go and we’ll do what is best regardless.


  • Vicky Griffiths on 31 Jan 09:48

    Oh Craig and Sam, So sorry to hear Macy is so poorly. How old is she? Lots of hugs to you both and best wishes for Zack’s imminent arrival.I know what you mean about the waiting for a baby to arrive being oddly quiet.

    Vicky x

  • AndreyM on 07 Feb 06:23

    Why do you always give the public only bad news? Try to write something fun at least seldom! Thanks

  • Antony on 21 Feb 11:33

    Where are the new themes? Thanks

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