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A little time - playing, cleaning fish tanks and waiting

written by CraigBeattie on January 27th, 2008 @ 03:29 PM. edit (admin only)

Thought I’d take 5 minutes away from cleaning the fishies tank and write a little something. The intention was that I could use this as a journal of things – first baby, first pregnancy – all big stuff. Actually to be honest we’ve been so busy and tired it’s just not happened. Right now sammy’s asleep. We didn’t go to bed till about 3.30am as she wasn’t tired, she woke me up about 6.30am because the circuit had tripped downstairs when a bulb blew and she couldn’t see to get some milk and she told me earlier how Macy had been up about 8am calling for some company. So all in all not much sleep for sammy – i’m a pretty heavy sleeper so only recall the ‘electricity emergency’ this morning.

So now I’m taking some time to clean the fish tank out. It needs doing every three weeks or so and is about a 2 hour job. We have lots of visitors next weekend and zack may drop by any time so seems like a good idea to get it out the way.

Folks keep asking if we’re excited and I’ll be honest I’ve been a little too busy to think about it. His nursery is set up now with nice new furniture (better than mine even – how’s that fair??? :P) and really it’s a case of waiting now – sometimes seems like he’ll never come and sometimes like it’ll be tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing the wee man’s face.

So I got up late today to catch up on a little sleep. I’ve played a bit and kept an eye on Macy and now I’m cleaning the tank out hopefully for before sammy gets up but we’ll see.

No idea what life will be like in a month or so but it sure will be different I’m quite certain. Doubt sunday’s will be like this then and I’m looking forward to it – I am told the loss of sleep will be similar however – :P


  • Vic on 27 Jan 19:07

    Love you all loads :) xxxx

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