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Opening my head - again?

written by scribefirecraig on August 10th, 2007 @ 01:10 PM. edit (admin only)

This post: Craigs Blog - Opening my head has had two comments recently, despite being from October 2003. The whole chi gung and exploring chi and such-like kind of went on a back burner when I got into the wudang tai chi which broadly ignores this side of the tradition. It went further onto the back burner with the advent of me playing WoW and such like.

It's something I've spent some time thinking about lately based on looking at yoga and the apparent absence of chi-gung teachers in my home town. So couple of things - reading this again made me dig the book out and also I'm surprised folks found the reference if i'm honest - linked here so you can have a look.
Seems like if you search for "nei kung blog" you get a link to the above blog entry - seems folks don't blog on it much.

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