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written by CraigBeattie on January 15th, 2007 @ 11:08 AM. edit (admin only)

The burning crusade is due to start tonight in about 12 hours and 42 minutes and here I am, sat at work in possession of a copy of the expansion, a little ahead of the release time which is 11pm 15 January 2007 UK time. has certainly worked for me this time around.


  • DM Osbon on 20 Jan 12:45

    Yup I agree with you there…I Preordered back in May & got my copy the day before the official date release. have not as yet let me down…although I am still waiting the BC guide book to come!

  • craig on 21 Jan 01:06

    hehe, big fan of although they didn’t get me my wii on the launch date :(

    currently thats at the parcel force depot – go go wii!

  • Matthew on 18 Aug 09:27

    Good site

  • Ryan on 22 Aug 06:54

    Nice design

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